Real estate

Real estate

Whether you are a private investor or a real estate professional, MyCFO will assist you in the legal and tax structuring, from the investment to the divestment.

Private Investor

Invest in residential properties

Define the tax strategy according to your personal situation

Types of lease agreements

Property tax


Private landlord of furnished property / Professional landlord of furnished property

Industrial and commercial benefits

Invest in professional properties (offices, shops, etc.)

Understand the taxation that applies to the nature of the investment

Type of ownership structures

Types of lease agreements (commercial leases, professional leases, tenancy agreements,…)

Unfurnished rental or all-inlusive service

Income tax


Property tax

Invest in your own property for your professional activity

Define the most suitable set-up between you as an individual and your operating company

Type of ownership structures

Property division

Income tax


Property tax

Real estate professionals

Recurring support


tax compliance


One-time support

Legal entities rationalization

Strengthening of equity: via bank financing or bond issue.

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